This pot is about two feet tall and took three months to quill.  


Meet my friend Lyons, who I met in Marseilles, France. I was fascinated by this seagull so much that he became the inspiration for a quilling project. And here’s a photo of Lyons that I clicked.

IMG_0728 (2)

This oil painting is inspired from a photograph clicked by my brother.

Thank you for visiting my website. This website is a platform for my creative expression. I paint. I bake. I quill. I doodle. I travel. And I write, mostly for pleasure and sometimes as part of my job. I am

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lemon drizzle cake3

I was extremely pleased with the way this lemon drizzle turned out. It was yum, it was fresh and it was tangy. I’ve had many people ask me the recipe to it on the various forums that I am a

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mad 1

 MaD is an acronym for Mother And Daughter. The name is also a result of people’s reactions to the things they do as most people think they are mad to sit and create the stuff they do, hour over end,

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